New to FCC?

Welcome to First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Kokomo, Indiana. Our hope is to make you feel welcome in our church home on your very first visit. To help you get acquainted with how things happen here we have posted some "frequently asked questions.  Please contact us if there are any other questions you might have.  We will be glad to talk with you.

What is Sunday worship like?
Our services tend to follow a similar format each week. We begin with a call to worship, opening hymn, and opening prayer. Then we move on to the scripture-based portion of the service, which includes a children's message, scripture reading, and a sermon. After that we celebrate the Lord's Supper each week with a communion service. The service ends with a sung response and a benediction.

What kind of music do you sing/play?
Most of our music would be described as traditional. We sing hymns out of a hymnal (Chalice Hymnal), and project the words on screens in the sanctuary.  The primary accompaniment is our beautiful (and powerful) Schantz pipe organ.  We also use a variety of other instruments, piano, guitar, flute, oboe, brass, and drums.  Our Sanctuary Choir and Praise Team lead us in singing and offers an anthem, or choral piece, most weeks. We also branch out into other types of music such as gospel, jazz, and contemporary music.

What's unique about FCC and Disciples of Christ?
The most notable attribute of our denomination is that we offer communion every week, and we welcome ALL to share in the Lord's Supper with us, regardless of religious background, membership status or social status. Communion is typically distributed to the congregation while they are seated. Our deacons stop by each row and pass the bread and wine (grape juice) down the row. After taking a piece of bread and a cup of juice, we all hold them and wait to take them together.

What should I wear to church?
Whatever makes you feel most comfortable! We have members who wear a dress or a suit and tie every week. Others feel more comfortable wearing "business casual, while others prefer to dress casually in jeans or shorts. If you're comfortable in what you decide to wear, you'll fit right in at FCC.

Where can I park? Where do I enter the building?
We have a large parking lot around our building.  Marked handicapped spaces are adjacent to both main entrances.  Both entrances enter a common welcome area that connects to all parts of the building.  All entrances are at grade level and there are no steps in the main parts of the building.

What does FCC offer for my children?
Childcare for small children and infants is available in the children's education wing during worship and Sunday School. We have two nursery workers who will provide loving care to your little ones while you are in worship.

Each week we offer a children's message near the beginning of the service. After this, children are invited to go "Super Church, a children's worship and activity program.  One Sunday a month the children gather for music practice.  Middle and High School youth are invited to Youth Chapel two Sundays each month.  Children and youth are always welcome to remain in the Sanctuary for our main worship service.